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Organic, Gluten Free, Rye, Mediterranean breads, Pita, keeping these breads fresher for longer whilst protecting them through the distribution channels and customer handling.

Pizza packing in PLANTIC™ material ensures that the freshness and tastes of pizza are preserved.

Ultra-high barrier PLANTIC™ materials extend the freshness and shelf life of bakery products up to 40% and are made of up to 80% renewable material.

PLANTIC™ is cost competitive compared to conventional materials and used by the worlds leading retailers and processors.

Our range of options covers all applications and allows us to give you the best possible solution for your product. Plain films , printed or a wide variety of colours enhances the pack and gives the product the best possible appearance.

PLANTIC™ materials run on all standard packaging equipment.

Our team of packaging professionals are available to assist with all of your requirements. Contact us today and put PLANTIC™ to the test. 

  • Thermoforming rigid
  • Thermoforming semi rigid
  • Thermoforming flexible
  • Top lidding materials
  • Pre made trays
  • Skin packaging
  • Stand up pouches

Products within this Market


PLANTIC™ E - High Barrier Semi Rigid Packaging Material.

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PLANTIC™ EF - High Barrier flexible packaging material.

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PLANTIC™ R - High Barrier PET semi rigid packaging material.

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PLANTIC™ RE - High Barrier semi rigid packaging material.

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